We are so excited to announce we are going to Disney World this school year! 

You can find a copy of the Trip Contract, and and couple of things to help better explain any questions you might have:

1. Full payment of the trip truly does cover almost everything! Each day we go to a Disney park, we’ll start with a good breakfast at the hotel and each person will receive a meal voucher for the day. If they want another meal at the park that day, they can use some of their $40 in Disney gift cards or use other money they bring. Souvenirs are not covered in the cost of the trip unless, again, they’re using some of their $40 in Disney gift cards to buy them.

2. You will be able to pay your child’s trip out with cash, check, or online payments through AISD’s online payment system.  There’s a link to it on the choir website (lamarchoirs.com), but remember, there is a surcharge for online payments.

3. The process will start with you making the non-refundable deposit by October 15.  Once we have the numbers we need for the trip to “make”, we’ll let you know we’re moving forward and that checks will be deposited. When the trip does make, you’ll be instructed to make your first payment on November 15 and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the “trip protection plan” which will allow you to recover 80% of the trip cost if, for circumstances out of our control, the trip is CANCELED. Making trip payments for a few months then deciding to no longer go on the trip will not get your money back. The trip has to be canceled for that to happen. In the event the trip doesn’t make, all deposits will be returned. 

4. The trip cost is higher for adults because we have traditionally only booked hotel rooms at double occupancy for adults, instead of 5 persons to a room like the trip costs for students.  If we have adults that would like to room more than 2 to a room, we can work with our agent to see if there would be a possiblity to have the trip price adjusted.

5. Please know that as soon as you make payments, our travel agency is making arrangements and spending the money you are turning in. That’s why that money can’t simply be returned.  It’s being used to book airfare, book hotel rooms, and make other arrangements for the trip. 

6. Feel free to make payments ahead of schedule! You can pay for the whole trip up front if you’d like, but with as much caution as I can muster, try really hard to not fall behind. Things tend to snowball then you’ve lost money.

7. Strongly consider allowing your kid be a part of this trip! If you’d also like to go, please fill out a contract for yourself, make the deposit, and have your child give it to us.  This trip isn’t possible without parent/chaperone support!   We need 1 adult for every 8 Lamar Choir kids on the trip.

8. You may have other questions not answered here or that your child can’t answer after their class’s presentation.  PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask us! Let us attempt to put you at ease!


It’s gonna be SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!  (sorry…just a little excited)


Greg Haugen and Cassandra Kirby

Lamar HS Choir

Cassandra Kirby
Assistant Choir Director
Lamar High School
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