S & E Results!

By | February 27, 2016

The choir directors are SO PROUD of the following ratings of students who represented Lamar FANTASTICALLY in the Solo & Ensemble event this weekend!

Amanda M – Superior
Andreus G – Superior
Anna L – Superior
Brittany B – Superior
Centauri L – Superior
Ciara M – Superior
Dani C – Superior
Donovan Y – Superior
Elizabeth G – Superior
Emma D – Superior
Erin O – Superior
Evan B – Excellent
Fabiola V – Superior
Grace D – Superior
Grace K – Excellent
Hagan G – Superior
Hannah Q – Superior
Hunter H – Superior
Jacob C – Superior
Jacob K – Superior
Jenna H – Superior
Jenna P – Superior
Karina D – Excellent
Katelyn R – Superior
Katherine B – Superior
Lauren B – Superior
Lauren J – Superior
Lily Ran – Superior
Lily Rat – Superior
Marc L – Superior
Megan W – Superior
Michelle T – Superior
Molly P – Superior
Mustafa A – Superior
Nicholas R – Superior
Nicole C – Excellent
Nicole J – Superior
Noah F – Superior
Payton E – Superior
Reagan H – Superior
Rebecca G – Superior
Reema A – Superior
Sabastian D – Superior
Sarah C – Superior
Skylar O – Excellent
Tiffany S – Superior
Valeria M – Excellent

In addition, the following students were selected as OUTSTANDING SOLOIST by the judges in their room!

Andreus G
Centauri L
Ciara M
Hanna Q
Hunter H
Lily Ran
Sabastian D
Tiffany S

And on Friday night, the Madrigals, Harmony, AND Encore show choirs all received SUPERIOR ratings for their shows!!