Show Choir Auditions 2018

Lamar Show Choir Auditions for the 2018-2019 school year will be Friday, April 27 beginning almost immediately after high school lets out at 2:50 PM.

Here is a brief FAQ for the auditions,

  • The song for auditions this year is ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.
  • It is an edited version of the song, with girls and boys parts separate; both sing melody AND harmony at different times.
  • The video demo should be ‘MIRRORED’; when the dancers step to your left, you step to your left, etc. ‘Mirror’ them exactly.
  • we will be auditioning students in small groups of up to 4 singers, but you do NOT have to have a ‘group’ to audition; we will pair you with others who are ready to audition when you are.
  • You will SING the song before you dance (girls singing the girl’s part, boys singing the boy’s part).
  • JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS: we will still be here when your school is done; just come to Lamar Choir Room ASAP.

Printed copy of the music – click here

Video of Dance with Girl’s voice part – click here

Video of Dance with Boy’s voice part – click here

Video of Dance with both voice parts – click here

MP3 of the girl’s part:


MP3 of the boy’s part:


MP3 of both parts together:


MP3 of the accompaniment only (for practice) – click here