Show Choir 2020 (Auditions)

Guidelines for submitting videos:

1. Fill out the info at this link: Click here

2. Please submit your videos via email to:

Follow these guidelines for submitting your videos:

  1. ‘Edit’ your videos to make them as small as possible. They should be under 1 minute in length.
  2. Email them one at at time (1 email for the dance/choreography video, a 2nd email for the singing video.)
  3. Double check to make sure you email ‘goes through’. If it fails, try the following workaround:
    1. Send the video to yourself via text. This will make the video much smaller.
    2. Save the version you ‘received’ to your phone.
    3. Email the new version.
  4. If you are unable to send your videos via email, you can send them via text to Mr. Romo
  5. The deadline for submitting videos has been extended to Sunday, May 24 at midnight.


  • All auditions will be via video submission.
  • You will record yourself singing, and then you will record yourself singing AND dancing.
  • When you record your videos, you must play the Accompaniment Audio file to sing with; DO NOT USE THE PRACTICE FILES.
  • Please record your videos LANDSCAPE (with your phone held sideways), NOT Portrait (with your phone held upright.)
  • Please do NOT upload until you have both videos on your phone (or device) and are ready to send them both.
  • Video submissions are due by midnight on Sunday, May 24.
  • We will post results here (on this website) as soon as we’re done securing judges and the judges have done their job.

Link to the PDF of the music for the audition: click here

Link to the Practice Video: click here

Link to the Practice Audio File for girls: click here

Link to the Practice Audio File for boys: click here

Link to the Accompaniment Audio Track (use THIS FILE for your voice recording): click here