Show Choir 2017-2018

Show Choir Participation Contract 2017-2018 – click here
Madrigals Contract Addendum 2017-2018 – coming soon


The following ‘results’ are CONTINGENT upon students fulfilling the following requirements:
  1. Turning in a signed Show Choir Contract AND (if applicable) Varsity Show Choir Contract Addendum.
  2. A parent attending the scheduled June 1 meeting at 6:30 pm in the Lamar High School Choir Room (or meeting with the show choir’s director prior to the end of school.)
Failure to meet these requirements will void your placement in a show choir.
Also, PLEASE REFRAIN from posting anything (congratulations, celebrations, etc.) on social media regarding the results. Even positive things can have a negative effect on students involved in the process. To say anything about or to individuals, please share those thoughts in person or through a message to them alone.

Preliminary Results:


AJ O Adren P
Avery F Armon M
Breanna E Brady C
Cali H Brennan C
Charlotte L Cade C
Elise S Danny B
Emily G David F
Emily T Diego A
Jordan P Jamari D
Maddie S Luis L
Mya A Merritt J
Zoey H Taylor P


Alex C Emma D
Allison H Hannah F
Ashlyn A Katelyn L
Bertha B Katy M
Brooke S Lauren H
Catherine P Lily Rat
Chloe R Paola R
Chyna D Sadirah P
Ciara M Subarna M
Danielle B Tara K
Delanie W Valeria M
Elizabeth G


Amanda  M Graham H
Hannah Q Hunter  H
Jenna P Jacob C
Karalyn H KiJon R
Kate H Lance N
Lauren J Michael N
Lily  Ran Patrick  M
Megan W Preston T
Michelle T Ryan  L
Nicole J Sabastian D
Payton E Tristan N
Sarah C William B