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It’s 2016-2017!  SO PUMPED FOR THIS YEAR!!! …

Ok, many of you have heard/seen …

… but MR. GREG HAUGEN is now a LAMAR VIKING!! He’s enjoying working with ALL choirs, but he’s most excitedest about Cantabile/3rd period. If you haven’t already welcomed him, #holleratHaugen and say ‘VFND!’ …

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S & E Results!

The choir directors are SO PROUD of the following ratings of students who represented Lamar FANTASTICALLY in the Solo & Ensemble event this weekend!

Amanda M – Superior
Andreus G – Superior
Anna L – Superior
Brittany B – Superior
Centauri L – Superior
Ciara M – Superior
Dani C – Superior
Donovan Y – Superior
Elizabeth G – Superior
Emma D – Superior
Erin O – Superior
Evan B – Excellent
Fabiola V – Superior
Grace D – Superior
Grace K – Excellent
Hagan G – Superior
Hannah Q – Superior
Hunter H – Superior
Jacob C – Superior
Jacob K – Superior
Jenna H – Superior
Jenna P – Superior
Karina D – Excellent
Katelyn R – Superior
Katherine B – Superior
Lauren B – Superior
Lauren J – Superior
Lily Ran – Superior
Lily Rat – Superior
Marc L – Superior
Megan W – Superior
Michelle T – Superior
Molly P – Superior
Mustafa A – Superior
Nicholas R – Superior
Nicole C – Excellent
Nicole J – Superior
Noah F – Superior
Payton E – Superior
Reagan H – Superior
Rebecca G – Superior
Reema A – Superior
Sabastian D – Superior
Sarah C – Superior
Skylar O – Excellent
Tiffany S – Superior
Valeria M – Excellent

In addition, the following students were selected as OUTSTANDING SOLOIST by the judges in their room!

Andreus G
Centauri L
Ciara M
Hanna Q
Hunter H
Lily Ran
Sabastian D
Tiffany S

And on Friday night, the Madrigals, Harmony, AND Encore show choirs all received SUPERIOR ratings for their shows!!



Halloween Party!

YOU ARE INVITED to the Lamar Choirs’ Halloween Party, this Saturday from 4-6 pm at Lamar  (specific location in the school To Be Determined).

  • costume contest (cool prizes!)
  • fun games (cool prizes!)
  • FREE FOOD (cool … uh … FREE FOOD!)

Please click here to fill out a form to let us know that you WILL BE COMING! (you know … so we’ll have enough FREE FOOD! … )


All State Round 2 Results

Congratulations to the following students who will represent Lamar at the District and Region Choirs in the Clinic/Concert, November 21, at the Mansfield Performing Arts Center

Anna L Soprano I Region
Tiffany S Soprano I Region
Connor S Bass I Region
Dani C Soprano II District
Chase R Tenor I District
Arizah T Tenor I District
Reid R Tenor II District
Andreus G Bass I District
Stephen G Bass II District

We are SO PROUD of all who auditioned today! #VFND

Honor Choir Results!

We are SO PROUD of ALL student who auditioned this morning!

The following students will represent Lamar in the 9-10 Clinic and Concert on November 21 at the Mansfield Fine Arts Performance Center:

Alec P
Katelyn R
Lily R
Michael N
Michelle  T
Patrick M
Payton E
Preston T
Sabastian D
Sarah C


Viking Card Contest RESULTS!!! #OMGOMGOMG

Are you ready? … no, I mean ARE YOU REALLY READY?!?!?!?!

Too late … here it comes!

Steak & Shake – $10 – Paola R
Steak & Shake – $10 – Abby S
Papa Murphys – $10 – Rebecca G
Papa Murphys – $10 – Dylan D
Taco Bell – $10 – Emily R
Taco Bell – $10 – Anthony E
Wendys – $10 – Brittany B
Wendys – $10 – Cameron C
Subway – $10 – Shelby M
Subway – $10 – Griffin H
Burger King – $10 – Savannah B
Burger King – $10 – Logan P
iTunes – $15 – Grace K
iTunes – $15 – Hannah H
#3 – Amazon – $25 – Mitch D
#2 – Amazon – $25 – Ian B
#1 – iTunes – $25 – Anna S
Grand Prize – Trip Payment – $180 – Megan W

Congrats! … thanks to everyone who’s worked hard to sell their Viking Cards up till now. Keep up the hard work!!


How do you spell “success”? .. G-E-T-F-I-T!!!

2015-2016 is off to a GREAT START!! Over a HUNDRED students (and one or two parentals) came by and did the whole uniform/Viking Card/voice lessons/medical form/buy T-shirts/eat doughnuts/BE AWESOME thing today at Get Fit!

Worley, Romo & Bennett would like to thank ALL the parent volunteers (special S/O to Ms. Lowke for coordinating everything and Ms. Crawford for taking care of the 9th Grade Parent meeting!); we couldn’t have done it without you!!

Now, LOG IN TO CHARMS (look for the links at the top of this page) and update your info before Monday. YOU CAN TOTALLY BE THE COOL KID WHO HAS IT ALL DONE BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS!!